Yukigassen Competition -
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Explore the World of Yukigassen: Traditional Japanese Snowball Fighting Competition

Snowball fights are a favorite winter pastime for many people around the world. But did you know that in Japan, snowball fighting is taken to a whole new level? Enter the world of Yukigassen, a traditional Japanese snowball fighting competition that combines strategy, skill, and teamwork.

What is Yukigassen?

Yukigassen, which translates to “snow battle” in English, originated in Japan in the 1980s. It was created as a way to bring excitement and competition to the snowy winter months. The sport has since gained popularity not only in Japan but also in other countries such as Finland, Norway, and Canada.

The Rules of Yukigassen

Yukigassen is played between two teams, each consisting of seven players. The objective is simple: eliminate all the players on the opposing team by hitting them with snowballs. However, there are specific rules that make this game more challenging and strategic than your typical snowball fight.

Firstly, each team is given a limited number of snowballs at the beginning of the match. Once these snowballs are used up, players must retrieve more from designated areas on the field. This adds an element of resource management to the game, forcing teams to strategize when and how to use their snowballs effectively.

Secondly, players are not allowed to throw snowballs at their opponents’ heads. Instead, they must aim for the body. This rule ensures that the game remains safe and prevents any serious injuries from occurring.

Lastly, players are eliminated from the game when they are hit by a snowball. Once a player is hit, they must exit the field and wait until the next round to rejoin their team. This creates a sense of anticipation and suspense, as teams must adjust their strategies on the fly when their teammates are eliminated.

The Tactics of Yukigassen

Yukigassen is as much a mental game as it is a physical one. Teams must come up with effective strategies to outsmart their opponents and secure victory. Some common tactics include:

1. Building snow forts: Teams strategically build forts on their side of the field to provide cover and protection. These forts can be used as a defensive position or as a launching point for offensive maneuvers.

2. Communication: Clear and efficient communication is key to success in Yukigassen. Players must coordinate their movements and share information about the opposing team’s positions to gain an advantage.

3. Targeting weaker players: Teams often focus their attacks on the opposing team’s weaker players, aiming to eliminate them first. This strategy weakens the opposing team’s defense and gives the attacking team an upper hand.

The Thrill of Yukigassen

Yukigassen is not just about winning or losing; it’s about the exhilarating experience of playing in a fast-paced, intense snowball fight. The combination of strategy, skill, and teamwork creates a unique and thrilling atmosphere that attracts both participants and spectators alike.


Yukigassen offers a fresh and exciting take on the traditional winter pastime of snowball fighting. With its strategic gameplay and emphasis on teamwork, it has become a beloved sport in Japan and beyond. So, if you’re looking for a new winter activity that combines fun and competition, why not give Yukigassen a try?